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Electronic Valves

Clippard revolutionized the electronic valve market in the early 1970's with a line of miniature valves that became the industry standard for life and reliability. This unparalleled history in providing new and innovative products continues today with advanced manufacturing machines and techniques, experienced design and application engineers, and a genuine desire to exceed customer expectations.


• 10 & 15 mm Valves
• Fill & Bleed Circuits
• Stud Mount Valves
• EV Mouse Valves
• EV Piloted Modular Valves
• Fluidamp Valves
• Maximatic® Series Valves
• Proportional Valves
• Custom Valves

Isolation Valves Isolation Valves

Media isolation valves are commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including those that require precise, repeatable dispensing of media for analytical instrumentation.


• PTFE Media Isolation Valves
• Electronic Pinch Valves
• Pneumatic Pinch Valves

Manually-Operated Directional Control Valves

Clippard manual valves include toggle and stem valves, limit valves, lever, arm and foot pedal actuated valves, palm button valves and more.


• Hand/Foot Operated Valves
• Limit Valves
• Sleeve Valves
• Stem Valves
• Toggle Valves
• Valve Actuators
• Accessories

Air Pilot Valves

Air pilot valves are ideal for control. The force output of an air pilot is much more powerful than the power produced from electrical solenoids or actuators. This make air pilot valves ideal for remote and miniature applications where higher airflow and/or lower power are required.


• Low Pressure Air Pilot Valves
• Maximatic® Air Pilot Valves
• Brass Air Pilot Valves
• Modular Valves
• Air Pilot Valve Actuators


Control Valves

Clippard Control Valves are available in many different configurations and functions. Sizes range from #3-56 and #10-32 through 3/8" NPT ports, for pressures to 300 psig pneumatic. Several lines are available for hydraulic use as well.

• Pressure Actuated Switches
• Electric & Pneumatic Switches
• Pressure Regulators
• Check Valves
• Needle Valves
• Mufflers
• Flow Controls
• Shuttle Valves
• Exhaust Valves
• Pulse Valve Leak Detector
• Sensors